Sunday, March 29, 2009


Since day 1 besides the other urges stitched to our soul, like fighting, eating and loving one of the most important and prominent is our diehard desire to look good.Although the events around us remind us of how desperate and serious are people today to look better you might be surprised to know that the humans were like this since time began.Never heard of Narcissus?, having come to a pool to quench his thirst, saw his reflection in its smooth surface, and fell in love with it.Indian silk, Multani matti and insanely expensive cosmetics are not new.The problem is though people can torture your aesthetics with their comprehension of phobia called “fashion”. Literally the term is widely misunderstood as being a particular act that has to be followed on the line or it will be regarded as paindu.Its epidemic and cannot be contained, travels through phones, messages, gossips and has spread from the malls to the high schools to hospitals. It’s an obsession for some and a luxury for others but there is hardly anyone to say “NO!” It’s in our blood.But unluckily it’s the most misunderstood things imaginable especially in countries like Pakistan and India.It’s considered as being an act to be followed.It’s the complete opposite. Fashion is abstract. It has no definition it has no rules no boundaries (literally). And its different for every person. You don’t have to learn it. It pops inside your head you ignore it thinking what the cruel world would think 3secs later it comes back refined and with a more respectable finish and wham you get up to change history.That’s it. A new trend is born (if you are still bearable!)The boom has come because of the monster called media.New fields and careers and channels and movies and what not is born.Ready?The greatest economic monster after the manufacturing of Military weapons is the cosmetic and fashion industry.What we lot have to understand is the fact that fashion is not something alien and not just following It s from our inner self and natural Copying isn’t the recipe for cool looks.You are glamorous you are born with it.


    ITNAAAAAAAAAAAAA Acha article kis key pen se nikla hai
    Its worth an oscar.

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  3. plz leave sum critical comments....thnx

  4. ali thnx for such an informative artcle n for actually expalinin wht fashion is bcoz many many ppl hav misunderstanding abt it.ur article wil realy help them 2 correct their thinking!

  5. Your article is conveying a very good message that eye for fashion is inborn and you just have to look inside yourself for it!
    People have to think about it instead of being crazy after every new trend!

  6. a very good article for all those idiots who watch a movie and then leave for clothes just like the one the actors were wearing.......

    exactly my point of view........i totally agree with u that its one's own sense of dressing and managing his/her looks that make look good. it cant be done by following someone........keep doing the job well!!