Sunday, March 29, 2009


Everyone is chasing it. We keep on hearing things like “ it’s in and‘it’s out
Its trendy, its awkward, its outdated, its paindu and so on.
Everyone wants to jump in the bandwagon of the updated lot.
It’s a high-grade fever getting on one’s nerves unless one fulfills it
High shirts low pants
Low shirts, high pants,
Small dupattas,
Without dupattas,
Lehngas gharraras,
Straight cut shirts, skin tight clothes, loose shirts, long hair, short hair streaks, blondes, shedding makeup’s, smoky eyes and on and on and on.
There is a fashion and mannerism, highs and hooeys and ways of talking and terms like “chuss” and actions with hands and all.
Calling your parents with their first names
There is this whole generation of idiots blindly following everything tagged as fashion, hypnotized by the charms and glamour and giving their freedom to this monster. Giving up the true fun of life and striving for things they don’t even actually like. This all is terrible just look at us where is our originality of thought and our own color? Keep on going like this and we all would be without bearing.
Young boys wearing jeans and joggers and smtms wearing maulvi wala rumaal is an amazing example
Because it’s a fashion in the west it has to look good on every youth in the country is the popular concept.
We can see wardrobes full of expensive clothes in good condition wasted in the name of fashion.
I believe it’s like a thunderstorm that prevails without warning. and goes out in a flash. It has no roots it is very short-lived but style is eternal and Wins the race. You were born with your own style and charisma just please don’t coast it with a film of artificial trends. In a nutshell it is an obsessive compulsive neurosis and one is spellbound and magically follows it. It is a disaster because everything beautiful and attractive valuable and expensive becomes it goes out of fashion.


  1. a very good truely tells abt the todays generation who want 2 b labeled as fashionable and folow fashion blindly..i agree wid the article..good job!

  2. It is a well written article!
    Basically fashion is all about how you carry yourself and how your dressing transmits a vibe about your personality.
    Good Job!

  3. very gud observation.......

    its true that today's generation is following all this blindly or rather i must say that all of this is made to look so much glamorous in all these movies and adds that they are tempted to follow all this........

    but in the has got his/her own mind too

  4. Its a good attempt but most of the arguments are over repeated. Like we guys hear them 20 times a day.
    good work otherwise.